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About The London Community Foundation

We are The London Community Foundation, the charity for London’s grassroots. We exist to help build strong and connected communities. We do this by inspiring London’s generosity to invest in local charities and community groups.

London is a diverse city, in which complex social problems exist. We believe that communities often characterised as poor and disadvantaged are rich with ideas and assets. When these ideas and assets are maximised, small charities and community groups can make a big difference.

With the generosity and involvement of our donors, we have committed over £92.7 million in grants to support London’s grassroots organisations since 2010. Last year alone, we awarded over £22.5 million to strengthen and support grassroots London.

You can give to London through us or apply to receive a grant. We are YOUR community foundation: please join us.

Who we support

We support a huge range of charities and community groups across London. We specialise in funding smaller organisations that do not attract mass public support.

We strive to make the grant making process as fair, supportive and accessible as possible with a community development ethos underpinning our practice. We give to a wide range of registered charities and community groups, but prioritise community-based projects and small and medium-sized organisations for funding.

Over the years, The London Community Foundation has supported a diverse range of projects. Our work has ensured environmental groups, employment schemes, mentoring for young people, homeless shelters and day centres for older people, and more, can carry on providing their much-needed services. We also fund activities supporting particularly disadvantaged and marginalised communities, and organisations tackling challenging issues, such as domestic violence and honour killings.

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